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We started out as Funky Fairy in 2000 when we moved to Gran Canaria to set up around hotels & complexes.

All we did were Tooth Fairy Tooth crystals in that first summer.

Year 2001 -We had 3 funky girls that worked with us for that summer and it was wild! Over the winter we added in hair xtns, body piercing & costume jewellery & temporary tatttoos  to our portfolio. Took on more hotels and covered the whole of the South of Gran Canaria. 

Year 2002 - Learnt how to cane row/braid and how to make wraps & plaits which went down amazing to all the tourists. Gaines more hotels & complexes

Year 2003 - Opened our shop in Gran Chapparal that offered Body piercing, sold Mikey Jewellery from London, All hair and tattoing products

Year 2004 - 2008 Kept on going and built our reputation until the recession started to kick in and seemed like the time to move home to Uk

Year 2008 -  Moved to Birmingham and settled our 2 kids in school and slowly started to revamp our business to adapt to UK and seasons. We offered kids & jewellery parties and workshops that took us through the winter times. But summer time we hit the road at weekends to do Festivals, Fetes  and Corporate Events. We absolutely loved the shows and met some amazing people along the way. Our favorite was CamperJam at Weston Park. 

Year 2017 - Said goodbye to Funky Fairy as family commitments took over for a while but it lives on in other countries via my old Funky Crew


So we all realised what is important to us and have re-evaluated life a bit after being homebound for so long.

The best time of our lives was with Funky Fairy but thats behind me and so FunkyFiestas was born Xmas 2020. Funky Fiestas is, of course, Spanish for Funky parties and that is what we are all about as now want to bring that summer party vibe to everywhere we work as its so needed. Also really want to pass our skills on to others to have as much fun with. Especially anyone travelling as so easy to teach people how to market themselves and do this to literally anywhere worldwide. Wow its like a rebirth for so many people and we appreciate things so much more. Life has to be fun!

Time to live our lives and Party

Our Vision


Find out how you learn all our skills to pay your bills

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